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News of interest in Puerto del Carmen and Lanzarote, and other news that may be of interest during your vacation.

Saint Patrick´s Festival 2019

The festivities will start this year since the 15th of March and will last until the 17th of March.

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Carlinhos Brown will offer a spectacular concert at the Puerto del Carmen´s Carnival

The Brazilian musician said today with the mayor Pancho Hernández, “I am a canarian carnavalero”

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Carnaval de Puerto del Carmen 2019

One of the most entertaining times of the year is coming to Puerto del Carmen, which will celebrate its Carnival from March 7th-10th.

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The Hidden Conners of Lanzarote

Lanzarote is an island of contrasts, with changing landscapes and many hidden corners that merit exploration.

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Countdown to Carnival!

Puerto del Carmen is set to host the island’s spectacular Carnival celebration between 7th and 10th March with Carnival sounds and sights courtesy of music groups, dancing troupes, concerts, kids’ Carnival, daytime Carnival and a stunning Carnival parade along the seafront promenade.

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Lanzarote’s volcanic nature imprints a magical stamp to the island, which is ideal for trekking and to go on excursions.

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Exhibition ‘Buches and Diabletes’, a tribute to the traditional Carnival of Lanzarote

This January 29 begins the journey of the exhibition ‘Buches and Diabletes’, curated by the musician and disseminator Benito Cabrera. The show is a tribute to the traditional Carnival of Lanzarote and the Canary Islands.

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A Dive for All Likes and Levels – El Muellito y la playa

The areas surrounding El Muellito (The Little Pier) and the two jetties at Playa Chica (Small Beach) are a magic place to enjoy both day and night dives.

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The 35th Canary Islands Music Festival Brings six first class concerts to Lanzarote and La Graciosa

The Canary Islands Music Festival has established an extensive program for the islands of Lanzarote and La Graciosa, highlighting the presence of the Quiroga Quartet, recently awarded the 2018 National Music Prize.

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Mercado Autóctono Sostenible (Sustainable Autochthonous Market)

Experience some of the traditional craft methods first hand with local craftspeople, like traditional pottery, the roseta, empleita, telar, mojo sauce and gofio recipes, and many other workshops to complete a visit to this emblematic spot located right at the heart of Lanzarote. read more

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